Common Windows Install Problems

Sometimes you may run into issues installing, reinstalling, or updating your RescueTime app on Windows. Here are some common errors you may encounter and what to do to fix them.

Please note–before any update, please ensure that the RescueTime app is closed.

Automatically close all apps error

If you come across this error, click Next and let the system close down your applications.

If that doesn't work and you see the screen below, try the following:

  • Click Abort and press Control+Alt+Delete simultaneously to open the Task Manager. Find any process called RescueTime and click End task, then start the install process again
  • OR Click Abort and restart your computer (this will automatically close all programs) and start the install process again

Authentication Problem

Once you've completed the install process, you'll be asked to sign into your RescueTime account through the Assistant. If you sign in and see this error, it usually means you have a previous RescueTime account connected to your current computer. You will need to reset your configuration to ensure that you have the correct RescueTime account (email address) connected to the RescueTime Assistant. Find instructions to reset your configuration here

Uninstall/Reinstall RescueTime

Sometimes it may be necessary to start fresh in order to sweep the cobwebs from the system, so to speak. 

  1. Uninstall your RescueTime app
  2. Reinstall your RescueTime app here.
  3. Reboot or restart your computer

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