How to uninstall RescueTime

Below are instructions on how to uninstall the RescueTime app on Windows and Mac.


You can uninstall the RescueTime app one of two ways: 

  1. Quit RescueTime from the Assistant
  2. From your Start menu > Right click the RescueTime app > Select Uninstall OR
  3. From your Start menu > Click Control Panel > Select Uninstall a program > Select RescueTime > Click Uninstall
  4. This will run the uninstall program removing the RescueTime app and all configuration files from your computer

Please note: If you're not able to Quit RescueTime, then you can end the task by clicking the buttons CTRL + ALT + Delete on your keyboard simultaneously > Choose Task Manager > click on RescueTime > click End task


  1. Quit RescueTime from the Assistant
  2. Finder icon > Click Applications > Select RescueTime and drag the app to the Trash icon
  3. From the Finder Menu hold down the OPTION key while selecting Go > Select Library > RescueTime > Drag RescueTime to the Trash icon. This will remove all your configuration files.

Please note: If you're unable to Quit RescueTime, then you can force the app to quit from your Activity Monitor. Go to Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor > click on RescueTime > click the X icon > choose the Force Quit option

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