How to uninstall RescueTime

Below are instructions on how to uninstall the RescueTime app on Windows and Mac.


You can uninstall the RescueTime app one of two ways: 

  1. Quit the RescueTime app
  2. From your Start menu > Right click the RescueTime app > Select Uninstall OR
  3. From your Start menu > Click Control Panel > Select Uninstall a program > Select RescueTime > Click Uninstall
  4. This will run the uninstall program removing the RescueTime app and all configuration files from your computer
  5. Please note some RescueTime files may remain, so it's always good to double check your File Explorer for any remainders and delete them. 


  1. Quit the RescueTime app
  2. Finder icon > Click Applications > Select RescueTime and drag the app to the Trash icon
  3. From the Finder Menu hold down the OPTION key while selecting Go > Select Library > RescueTime > Drag RescueTime to the Trash icon. This will remove all your configuration files.

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