How to Perform a Complete Reinstallation of RescueTime

A full reinstallation of the RescueTime application can resolve various issues, such as unrecorded time or a stuck Assistant. Follow the steps below to perform a full reinstall:

1. Uninstall the RescueTime application:
   - Windows: Navigate to Start Menu > All Programs > RescueTime > right-click to Uninstall RescueTime
   - Mac: Move the RescueTime application from your Applications folder to the Trash. 
   For more detailed instructions on uninstalling each operating system, refer to our uninstall guide.
   - Windows: Double-click the downloaded installer file and proceed through the installation steps.
   - Mac: Double-click the downloaded .dmg file and drag the RescueTime application to your Applications folder.
3. Restart your computer.
4. Launch the RescueTime application:
   - Note: On Windows, the application should automatically start after installation.
5. If necessary, reconfigure your RescueTime settings to ensure the correct account is linked to your device. This step is crucial if you have multiple RescueTime accounts.
By following these steps, you can successfully reinstall the RescueTime application and resolve some of the issues you might have encountered.

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