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What you'll learn

What is Timesheets AI (beta)?

Timesheets AI (beta) is a new project tracking feature from RescueTime. We heard from hundreds of users who spent hours each week dividing their time between projects or clients and filling out timesheets. There had to be a better way. Enter Timesheets AI (beta), your project time tracker, to help you complete your timesheet with less fuss and hopefully more fun. 
Timesheets AI (beta) is built on RescueTime—the most powerful and accurate time tracking software on the market.  While RescueTime is running on your computer it logs your work activity, including the apps and websites you use. Timesheets AI (beta) then uses this data to add time to the projects you've created and help you accurately and quickly fill out a daily timesheet. 
Please note—only Focus Work and Other Work activities are displayed on your timeline. All Personal Activities are omitted. 

Timeline Highlights

On the Timesheets AI (beta) webpage, you'll see your timeline highlights—these include the documents and websites that were most important to what you were doing at that time. Other highlights are captured from your connected Google or Outlook calendar (i.e. scheduled meetings or scheduled Focus Sessions), updates made to your integration tasks (i.e. Asana, Trello, or GitHub), or the focus task you entered at the start of a  Focus Session. 
The timeline highlights give you a general context for what you were working on and then you set and confirm the boundaries. 
The AI will offer suggestions for which projects it thinks you were working on at various points throughout the day.  This allows you to easily review the suggestions and either accept them or make adjustments as necessary.
In addition to the AI suggestions, the simple interface allows you to easily drag, drop, and slide projects on your timeline. Reviewing the suggestions on your timeline ensures an accurate and complete timesheet.

How Timesheets AI (beta) Works

Here we'll walk you through how to add projects and label your time to help you get your timesheets in order. 

Adding Projects

When you first use Timesheets AI (beta), you will need to enter the projects you wish to track. Click the New Project button and enter your project’s name, enter “hints” that are unique to the project to help the AI assign your time, and choose a color to help you differentiate the projects.

Hints should be short entries like file names, partial file names, or websites exclusive to a project.

Note—the AI will still work without hints. However, the more information you provide, the better the tool will be at categorizing your projects.

Labeling Time

There are several ways to assign time to your projects.

  • If you have AI enabled, you can accept all the AI suggestions with one click at the top of the page.

  • If you have AI enabled, you can accept, delete, or edit each AI suggestion. When you see Review in a time block, this is an AI Suggestion. Click on it to see your options.
    • Accept suggestion: Accept the AI suggestion
    • Edit details: Opens the project modal for you to edit
    • Delete time: Reject the AI suggestion
    • Merge down: Sometimes you'll see this option when you have two blocks of the same project next to each other. This option will merge both blocks together. 
  • You can manually add project time to your timeline by dragging from the project names on the left side of the screen onto your timeline. Once placed on your timeline, you can drag the top and bottom edges of the project block to adjust its timeframe.

  • You can manually add project time to your timeline by clicking a section of the timeline and assigning it to your project. Click on a blank area with no project time and Select Project.
  • Or click on a project block to assign each five-minute bucket to its corresponding project. Be sure to click Save when you're finished.

About the AI

You have the option to enable AI (powered by OpenAI) to help assign your time to projects automatically. This can be enabled from your  Timesheets Settings page. If you disable this option, your timesheet will automatically be generated based solely on your past history. 

You can control when you want your timesheet to be generated. Click on the edit icon to make your choice.

You can choose from the following options:

End of my work day: The app will prepare your timesheets with AI suggestions an hour before the end of your work day for you to review.

The next morning: The app will prepare your timesheets with AI suggestions the next morning before you start your work day for you to review. 

Manual: This will disable both the AI and historical data generation from making suggestions for you to review. You will need to manually assign your time to projects.

These are time blocks that can be created by the user or generated by AI or past history. In this example, these time blocks are generated by AI, past history, or both.

By default, app-generated time blocks have a minimum span of 15 minutes. You can shorten these time blocks by clicking on the edit icon. Choose from 5 or 10-minute increments.

Project Archive

Once your project is completed, you can save your projects by clicking on the three-dot ellipsis next to the project and choosing Archive project

You can find the project archives by clicking on the Project Archive link.

Your completed projects will be kept safe here and there's even an option to restore them. 

Export Summary

You can export your timeline data to a CSV or Excel file. This sheet will display a list of your projects for the week based on the date that you chose on the date picker. This will be displayed as the beginning day of the week in your export. You'll also see the start and end times, and durations in the export. 

You can export a timeline for the month as well. 

Other Options

You can choose your default view when you sign in. This view can land on Timesheets AI (beta) or the Overview page (or Dashboard). You can find this option on your Timesheets Settings page.

Choosing the option Both will display the Timesheets AI (beta) page when you sign in. 

If you want to disable Timesheets AI (beta) and don't want to track projects, you can disable it from the Product Settings page. Under Enable Timesheets, switch the toggle to off. This will remove Timesheets AI (beta) from your navigation menu. 

In RescueTime Classic, follow these steps to disable Timesheets AI (beta): Account > uncheck Yes under Timesheets Product > click Save Changes

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