What's a Focus Work Goal? (VIDEO)

Let's learn about your Focus Work goal.

Focus Work is your most important work so, for instance, if you're a designer then Figma is your most important work. If you're an accountant then QuickBooks would be your most important work. You would rank or score these activities as Focus Work on your Activities page.

During your work day, which you indicated in your work schedule, RescueTime will keep track of your Focus Work activities and because it's such a crucial part of your work it will display as a progress bar on your Assistant in real-time here. Your Focus Work activities during unscheduled meetings and Focus Sessions will continue to count toward your Focus Work goal.

If you have your Google and/or Outlook calendar connected and have meetings in your calendar event with more than one participant or you use the meeting hashtag in the title or description, then RescueTime will recognize this as a scheduled meeting and your activities during this time will not count toward your Focus Work goal.

When you reach your Focus Work goal for the day your Assistant will alert you with some shiny graphical bling. If you exceed your goal your Assistant will let you know by how much. If you don't meet your goal your Assistant will let you know as well.

You can control your Focus Work goal here in Daily focus goal. If you'd like you can have RescueTime determine your Focus Work goal for you and this is based on position, organizational size, and target work week. 

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