Focus Work Goal

What you'll learn

What is Focus Work?

Focus Work includes activities that are high-impact and mentally demanding—work that typically requires long stretches of uninterrupted focus. Focus Work is determined by the activities you scored as Focus Work on your Activities page.

Your Focus Work goal will appear in your Assistant as a progress bar logging Focus Work time. The progress bar provides a real-time count of how much time you have spent in Focus Work, indicating when you've reached your Focus Work goal, and if you exceed your goal it'll let you know by how much.

How is your Focus Work goal determined?

Your Focus Work goal is based on the options you chose during onboarding, including your work status, organization size, and target work week. By default the automatic option is chosen, where RescueTime determines your Daily focus goal

RescueTime looks at a couple of variables to determine your Focus Work goal.

Most users receive a Focus Work goal of 2 or 3 hours per day as a starting point depending on whether they are managers (2 hrs) or individual contributors (3 hrs). 

Next, RescueTime looks at your organization size – the smaller the company, the longer the Focus Work goal. 

Last, RescueTime factors in your target work week. A higher number of weekly work hours results in a longer Focus Work goal.

How do you change your Focus Work goal?

You can choose your own Focus Work goal if you don't want RescueTime to determine this number for you. 

❶ Go to Account Settings > Work Settings > click on Work schedule.

❷ Click the edit icon on the "Daily focus goal" setting card. It will open a modal with a dropdown to choose a new Focus Work goal.

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