RescueTime iOS Mobile App

What you'll learn

RescueTime mobile app for iOS version 1.0+ includes Focus Sessions and the Assistant. The current RescueTime iOS app is a powerful companion to the RescueTime desktop app. The mobile app requires iOS 15.4 or later.

Sign in or Sign up

You can download and install RescueTime for iOS from the App Store. After installing the app, you'll be asked to sign up or sign in.

  • Let's do it: if you don't have a RescueTime account, tap this button to get started. You'll go through a series of onboarding questions and create an account.
  • Log In: if you already have a RescueTime account, sign in here to access your account.

If you haven't installed it already, download RescueTime for desktop here

Focus Session Prep + Warmups

You can start a Focus Session from the RescueTime iOS app by tapping on the Focus icon at the bottom left of the screen. You are required to set up your Focus Session, but Prep your environment and Prep your body are optional. We recommend you try all three at least once to experience the entire Focus Session process. You can enable audio narration to guide you through the warmup. 

Focus Session Prep

Focus Session prep sets up your session by having you choose the length of the session and log what you're working on.

Due to Apple's regulations, the RescueTime iOS app cannot block apps and websites. However, during a Focus Session, the pop up below will display any time you leave the RescueTime app. This notification reminds you to stay focused on your task and avoid distractions on your mobile device. 

Focus Session with Warmups

You can choose to include warmups to your Focus Session. These warmups are optional.

  • Prep your environment: gets your physical and digital workspaces ready to focus
  • Prep your body: promotes calmness and prepares your body to focus

Please note: during prep your environment you will be asked for your location. This provides meaningful data about your work habits. RescueTime does not store location data on our servers.

Post Focus Session

After completing a Focus Session you'll be asked a few questions about the progress of your task.

And you'll see a Focus Session summary report—

  • Mobile distractions: number of times you left the RescueTime iOS app
  • Day Streak: the number of consecutive days you completed a Focus Session

Global State

Starting a Focus Session on your mobile device will automatically start a Focus Session across all devices that share the same RescueTime account. During a Focus Session you'll see the timer count down on your Assistant and menu bar (Mac only). When the Focus Session ends,  you'll see the Focus Session summary report on the device where you began the session. If you begin your Focus Session on mobile, you won't see the report on your computer. 

Please note—RescueTime needs to be running in the background on your devices in order for the global state (Focus Sessions running across all devices) to work. 

The Assistant

You can access the Assistant from the RescueTime iOS mobile app by tapping the Assistant button at the bottom of the screen. Here you'll see alerts regarding your work schedule, Focus Zone opportunities, and your daily and weekly reports. You can read more about Assistant alerts and learn more about the Assistant here

Offline Work

The Add offline work button is located at the bottom of the Assistant screen. Offline work is any work done away from your computer. You can read more about offline work here. You can add offline work right from your mobile device. 


Settings are located at the bottom-right of your screen, in the tab bar. You can access your settings from the RescueTime iOS app without having to visit the RescueTime website.

Please note: The current version of RescueTime for iOS does not track your total mobile time. This will be added in a future update. 

Also, the original RescueTime iOS mobile version is no longer accessible in the Apple Store. If you had previously installed the original RescueTime iOS version then you can access it from your download history. 

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