What is Offline Work?

Offline work is work done away from your computer, that you score as Focus Work, Other Work, or Meetings. With offline work entries, you can ensure all your work is accounted for. Below are some examples of how offline work can impact your reports.

  • Focus Work goal/Focus Work report: If you're working on paper, an iPad, a whiteboard, or the like, you can use offline work to add that work to your daily Focus Work goal.
  • Meetings: Offline work allows you to log an in-person meeting or phone call that is not on your calendar.
  • Activities: Get a more realistic picture of how much you work each day by adding offline work and meetings.

How to Add Offline Work 

You can create an offline work entry from your Assistant. Hover over the " +" button and click “+ Add offline work”. 

Click on the button and the Assistant will display a simple form.

  • Enter the date of your offline work

The 7-day date picker allows you to choose from the last 30 days. The date picker has arrows to navigate back and forth within a 30-day time range.

  • Add the amount of time spent on offline work

Use the up and down arrows to choose the amount of time you'd like to add. The maximum amount of time for one entry is 4 hours 55 minutes. After making a few entries, the default time will be your most commonly chosen time.

  • Identify the type of work

Choose from these three options for your offline work: Focus Work, Other Work, Meetings

Offline work is not intended to include personal activities.

  • Give this work entry a short, descriptive title

Add a title and work description. There is a 40 character limit.

The text box will default to the most popular entry and if that's not available, then the last saved entry. 

When you're finished, click on " Add offline work" and you'll see "Offline work entry saved. View entry" at the top of your Assistant feed. Clicking on the view entry link will take you directly to that entry on your Activities page.  

How to Edit or Delete Your Offline Work

There are multiple places to access your offline work entry on the web. You can access it through the Activities, Focus Work Goals, and/or Meetings pages. You can also edit and delete from those pages.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Reports will be affected by any changes that you make to your offline work.

To change the amount of time of an offline work entry, find the entry on the Activities page (if it is Focus Work or Other Work) or the Meetings page (if it is a meeting). Click on "More Details". A modal will appear with an “Edit” button which allows you to change the amount of time. Offline work entries, with the same title on the same day, are combined into one main or parent activity. It is only separated into sub-activities on different dates. Below is an example.

Offline work entries with different titles will appear as their own parent activities.

PLEASE NOTE: You can only edit the time, not the title of the offline work entry. If you need to change the title, delete the existing offline work entry and create a new entry.
To delete an entry, simply click on the trash can icon. You can delete the parent entry which will delete all the entries below it or just delete a sub-activity. You have the option to cancel the deletion, or the activity will delete when you close the details view.

Alert Feed

The End of Day Report Alert that appears in your Assistant toward the end of your day gives you a summary of the day's activities, will also include a link for you to add offline work. It works as a reminder to help you account for all your daily work.

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