Overview Page

The Overview is the dashboard for viewing your reports, and provides a summary of your Focus Work goal, Focus Sessions, Distraction shifts, Communication shifts, Balance report and Activities breakdown.

  • You can access more information about each subject by hovering over its card. 
  • You can access a full report on each subject by clicking on its card.

Change the date view in the upper-right corner to either Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Today, or Yesterday. The default date range is "Last 7 days", which will be used in the examples below.

Productivity: Did you spend enough time on Focus Work?

The productivity card uses a donut graph to represent your daily Focus Work. You'll see the amount of Focus Work completed each day as well as whether you missed or exceeded your Focus Work goal. The card also shows your daily Focus Work average. Clicking on this card will take you to the Focus Work Goal report.

Recharge days (days outside of your work schedule), or days that record less than one hour of work are represented by a plant icon.

Flow: Did you dedicate time to Focus Work?

The Flow card reports on your Focus Sessions. Target icons represent the number of Focus Sessions you completed. If you exceed 5 Focus Sessions, then all 5 icons will be filled in.

Clicking on this card will take you to the Focus Session Goal report.

Attention: Did you shift your focus too much?

The Attention card lets you know how often you shifted from work to Personal Activities or from work to Communication. You can learn more about shifts here.

Click these cards to visit your Distractions Goal report and your Communication Goal report.

Balance: Did you work too much during your downtime?

The Balance card shows you how much you're working outside of your work schedule

  • Dark orange bars indicate that you worked 30 minutes or more.
  • Light orange bars represent less than 30 minutes of work.

Clicking on this card will take you to the Balance Goal page.

Activities: Where did your time go?

In the example below we'll use the day view, but you can also view this by week and month as well. The Activities card compares your total time in your work day to your average hour displayed as a pie chart. 

Activities are divided into Focus Work, Other Work, Meetings, and Personal Activities that make up your Total Time worked in your work day.

Clicking on this card will take you to the Activities page.

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