Goals Reports

Your Goals are divided into several reports to help you understand how well you focus, how often you're distracted by Personal Activities or Communication, and how effectively you're maintaining work/life balance. These reports are called Focus Work, Focus Sessions, Distractions, Communication, and Balance. You can view your reports for the current day, the previous day, 7 days, or 30 days using the dropdown menu in the upper-right corner of the page. 

You can disable or enable your Focus Work Goal, Distractions, Communication, and Balance alerts directly from your goals report pages. You can also control these settings from your Settings > Alerts/Emails page.

Focus Work Goal Report

The Focus Work Goal Report provides a breakdown of your Focus Work activities and how much time you spent on each activity. At the top of the page, you'll see a progress bar tracking whether or not you have met or exceeded your Focus Work goal in real-time. This bar coincides with the progress bar in your Assistant.

Focus Sessions Goal Report

The Focus Sessions Goal Report compares your average work hour against your average Focus Session during your selected date range. Distraction and Communication shifts are counted during your Focus Sessions and compared against your average work hour.

Distractions Goal Report

The Distractions Goal Report provides a breakdown of your top shifts to Personal Activities. Distractions are measured and ranked by shifts. These shifts are only measured when you are shifting from a work activity (Focus Work or Other Work) to a Personal Activity. We recommend working toward a goal of shifting to distractions less than 5 times per hour. There's a progress bar to indicate when you've reached or exceeded 5 distraction shifts.                                    

Communication Goal Report

The Communication Goal Report provides a breakdown of your top shifts to Communication activities. Similar to Distractions, Communication is measured and ranked by shifts. It is important to distinguish between communication shifts and measuring total communication time. Communication is an important part of work, but can be a problem if it is interfering with your ability to focus. We recommend working toward a goal of checking email and chat less than 7 times per hour. 

Balance Goal Report

The Balance Goal Report provides a closer look at your Recharge Time activity. Recharge Time is the time outside of your work hours. This report tracks the amount of time you spend on Focus Work or Other Work during your Recharge Time. We recommend you spend less than 30 minutes on work during your Recharge Time. The progress bar lets you know when you've exceeded 30 minutes.        

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