Vacation Mode

What you'll learn

RescueTime now recognizes your vacation time. This feature captures your time away from work by silencing all your RescueTime system notifications and most of the alerts on your Assistant. However, your activities are still reported during this time. 

How to Trigger Vacation Mode

All you need to do is connect your calendar, either Google and/or Outlook. Then create an event in your calendar with one of the keywords below in the title of the event. The keyword must be an exact match for vacation mode to trigger.

  • out of office
  • OOO (using Google's "Out of office" rather than an "Event" will also be applicable)
  • vacation
  • unavailable

If the keyword is not an exact match in the title, for instance, "OOO for some fun in the sun" then you'll need to include a hashtag in front of the keyword for vacation mode to trigger - "#OOO for some fun in the sun"

Please note: ensure this event is created in your calendar and not the RescueTime calendar.

What happens during Vacation Mode

During the duration of your vacation, you'll see this pinned alert in your Assistant. Most alerts and notifications on your Assistant are suppressed during this time.

On your Overview page, you'll see a palm tree on the vacation days indicated in your calendar event.

On your Focus Work Goals Report, you'll see a gentle reminder not to work during your time off. Any Focus Work done during vacation mode will apply as exceeding your Focus Work goal because there is no goal during your time off. The Focus Work goal bar will not fill but will show the time you spent on Focus Work. 

How to Remove Vacation Mode

To remove vacation mode, you'll need to update your calendar event and remove the vacation keyword from the title of the event. Once this is done, your alerts and notifications will resume.

Or if you see the "Back to Work" button on the Assistant which appears after your work hours, then you can click on it to cancel vacation mode. Then RescueTime will re-enter work mode and all your alerts and notifications will resume.


Sometimes you may experience a situation where RescueTime may show that you're still in vacation mode when it is no longer indicated in your calendar. Restart your computer and this may fix it. Sometimes RescueTime may get hung up on some Javascript code so a system reboot should do the trick. 

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