RescueTime + Slack Integration

What you'll learn

  • How to connect Slack to RescueTime
  • What the integration can do
  • How to disconnect Slack from RescueTime
  • Automatically share what you're up to with your colleagues right from Slack. Whether you're tied up in a meeting, head down in a Focus Session, or working on your Focus Work, let the integration update these statuses for you automatically. Of course, you can tailor these status messages to make them more you and, more importantly, with emojis. 

    *Please note RescueTime only updates your status during your work hours.

    How to connect Slack to RescueTime

    1. Go to your Settings > Under Connected Apps either click on * Connect Slack now ☞ or Authorized Apps > hit the Learn more link

    2. Then click the Connect your Slack account button. 

    Please ensure you are signed into your Slack account. 

    3. Allow some permissions

    4. You are now connected to Slack. 

    What the integration can do

    Once Slack is connected to RescueTime you can customize the settings to display what you want to share on your Slack status based on what you're working on. You can share when and for how long you're doing a Focus Session, and the various ranking or scoring and categories that you are currently focusing on. 

    Focus Session updates

    During a Focus Session, your Slack status will show that you're in a Focus Session with the timer clock and snooze icon by your profile image. 

    Hovering over your profile will display the amount of time you're focusing. This is what appears on Slack when you click on your profile image > Edit status

    When your Focus Session ends the status will be removed. 

    Slack status updates

    Toggle this option on to enable the options below. Toggle this option off and all options below will be disabled. 

    These are the statuses and emojis that you can customize to display on your Slack status. The statuses will show during active use in either the scoring or ranking (ie Focus Work, Other Work, Personal Activity) or the category (ie Communication, Meetings) of the activity. 

    How to disconnect Slack from RescueTime

    To disconnect the Slack integration click on the gear icon > Delete app link > confirm the removal

    You can also disconnect Slack from the Slack Settings link. 

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