What does RescueTime do when I am away from my computer?

RescueTime exclusively measures active computer time, which is defined as mouse and keyboard activity. When the application detects that your computer is idle it begins a 5-minute timer. At the end of five minutes of inactivity, RescueTime will close the most recent record and subtract 5 minutes of time from it. 

For example, did you stop working and leave your desk, or did you just pause to think? RescueTime uses a rule to decide—a timer begins when mouse and keyboard action stops. If it starts again within five minutes, the app regards you as still active and just "thinking", but if inactivity exceeds that time, five minutes are subtracted from the activity and the record is complete. What then happens is, if you were thinking for just a little longer than the "inactive" boundary, and become active again, that span between the completed activity and the new activity is not logged.

Because of this approach, the amount of time you see recorded in your reports will differ from the actual amount of time spent at your computer. As a reference, the average user records 4-5 hours of activity in an 8 hour workday.

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