How RescueTime tracks your time when you are away from your computer

RescueTime primarily tracks active computer usage, which includes mouse and keyboard activity. When the software detects that your computer is idle, it initiates a 5-minute countdown. After five minutes of inactivity, RescueTime will close the most recent record and deduct 5 minutes from it. 
For instance, if you step away from your desk or simply pause to think, RescueTime uses a rule to determine your activity status. When mouse and keyboard activity ceases, a timer begins. If activity resumes within five minutes, the application considers you as still active and merely "thinking." However, if inactivity surpasses this timeframe, five minutes are subtracted from the activity, and the record is considered complete. In cases where you were inactive for just slightly longer than the 5-minute threshold and then become active again, the time between the completed activity and the new activity will not be logged.
As a result, the recorded time in your reports may not precisely match the actual time spent at your computer. This ensures that the data collected by RescueTime accurately reflects your actual productive time and does not include idle or away time. For reference, the average user logs 4-5 hours of activity during an 8-hour workday.

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