Timesheets AI Reports

After you complete your timesheet, you can send your timesheet report to your client and get compensated for all your hard work. You can download the report to a CSV or Excel file to send off. 

To generate the report, go to your Timesheets Report. Here you can filter by date, clients, projects, and tasks. The report can be grouped by total time, day, week, or month and by project, client, or task. 

There are three options to further filter your reports. Show only Billable, Reviewed, and Finalized

Checking the Billable box will show only projects, clients, or tasks that you enabled as billable. Unchecking this box means your report will show all projects that are billable and non-billable. 

Reviewed time is enabled by default. Checking this box means your report will show only the time that you reviewed and accepted. 

Unchecking this box means your report will show all assigned time blocks. This includes all AI suggestions that were not reviewed and accepted like below. 

Finalized time means once you click the Finalized button no auto history or project time will be added. You'll need to click the Unfinalize button to alter the time.

Lastly, you can export all time from your timeline to a CSV file. 

The report will look like this. 

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