Focus Now

    You can now start a Focus Session with one click of a button. OK, two clicks. Click on the Focus Now button in your Assistant to focus immediately. 

    This will start the timer countdown in your menu bar on Mac and taskbar on Windows, and your Assistant so you can get right to work.

    Focus Settings

    You can access the settings for your Focus Sessions with Focus Now by going to your Focus Settings page

    You can set up the following options to ensure Focus Now is to your preference every time. Just click on the edit icon to make your selection.

    Default Focus Session length: choose from 15 to 60 minutes in increments of 15 minutes

    Default Focus Session blocking: choose from the following block levels

    • No blocking - during a Focus Session activities scored or ranked as "Personal Activities" will not be blocked

    • Block distracting sites and apps - activities scored or ranked as Personal Activities will be blocked

    • Block distracting + communication sites and app - activities scored or ranked as "Personal Activities" will be blocked including activities categorized as "a communication app" even if the communication site or app is scored as "Focus Work" or "Other Work." 

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