RescueTime + Github Integration

Connect GitHub to RescueTime so you can start Focus Sessions on your assigned issues. Use Focus Sessions to help you close those issues quickly.

How to Setup GitHub

1. Go to your Settings > Manage Apps > Under Explore Apps click on the Learn more link

2. Click on the Connect your GitHub account button

3. Review the permissions and then click on the Authorize RescueTime button. 

4. Congratulations! You have now connected your GitHub to RescueTime. You'll see the GitHub box displayed.

How it works

To start a Focus Session on an issue, go to your Overview page > on the integration card click on the GitHub dropdown to find the issue you want to focus on > choose how long you want to Focus For (up to 60 minutes) > hit Start or the focus icon right next to the task. It'll take a couple of seconds for the Focus Session to start. 

By default, for integrations, RescueTime will block websites and apps that you scored as "Personal Activities."

During your Focus Session, you'll see the focus status on the integration card change to  (Already focusing...). You may need to refresh the page on your web browser to see this. This means you cannot start another focus task until the Focus Session ends or you cancel your Focus Session on the Assistant. 

RescueTime will detect this integration task as a timeline highlight on your Timesheets AI (beta). It will also recognize any commits done and display them on the timeline highlight.

Disconnect GitHub

To disconnect GitHub simply go to Manage Apps > click on the gear icon to bring up the options below > click on Delete app

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