Active or Passive Experience

The RescueTime Assistant is your coach who alerts and nudges you throughout your work day to help you be less distracted and more productive. To improve your experience, we've put you in control of the notifications you want to receive. 

When you first sign up for RescueTime, you'll have the option to choose an active or passive experience.

Active (toggle right): RescueTime will alert you about everything regarding your workday, from distractions to upcoming meetings (see more details below)

Passive (toggle left): RescueTime will be nearly silent and run quietly in the background, tracking your activity

Alert settings can be adjusted in Settings > Alerts. Here you can customize your Assistant notifications, enabling or disabling alerts to suit your needs. You can find more details about each alert here

You can personalize your Assistant alerts about Focus Zones and automatic Focus Sessions. Read more about your Focus Settings here

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