How to add breaks to your schedule

You can add breaks to your work schedule and this will trigger a notification on your desktop and an alert in your Assistant to remind you to take that much needed pause. 

PLEASE NOTE: Break time can be added in one hour increments. 

Work Schedule

Breaks in your work schedule can be at different times on different days. Just click on the Edit Work Schedule button > add break link. 

Here is an example of how to add a break to your work schedule. 

Desktop Notification

When your break time starts, you'll see this notification:

Assistant Alert

During your break, the Assistant will automatically stop tracking your activities. 

  • If you do not take your break and do not click the Back to Work button, your activities will not be recorded and reported. You'll receive a reminder from the Assistant to take your break:

  • If you want to skip your break, click the Back to Work button and return the app to work mode. Your time will be tracked and reported with no intermission. 

Click the Overview button for your day at-a-glance on the Overview page

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