Using RescueTime with VMWare, Parallels or Other Virtual Systems

You can setup RescueTime to track your activity in both your host OS and your virtual OS.

  1. Install RescueTime on your primary OS (host OS) and verify that everything is working normally.
  2. Start your VMWare or Parallels virtual OS, and once it is running, install RescueTime again in your virtual OS.
  3. Verify that RescueTime on the virtual OS is working normally.

Here's where things can get a little tricky!

Now that you have RescueTime installed on both your host OS and your virtual OS, you will get double reporting when you are on your virtual OS. This is because your host OS will also be tracking the time you spend in either VMWare or Parallels.

To resolve this, configure RescueTime to ignore the virtual machine application. We share details on how to ignore an application here.

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