How to download and install RescueTime for MacOS

In order to track your websites and desktop apps, you'll need to download and install the RescueTime Assistant. RescueTime does not track activity directly from the website.

1. To get started, download the RescueTime Assistant. It's easy to do, just click here and hit the Download button for Mac.

After clicking the Download button, find the file named “RescueTimeInstaller_X.pkg” in the upper-right corner of your browser or on the lower-left corner and click on it. 

2. Double click the file name and the installation process will begin. Just follow the prompts:
3. After following the prompts you'll see a message telling you that the installation was sucessful.
4. Next you'll be asked to setup permissions. You may be prompted to allow RescueTime to "control" your computer. If you use MacOS, RescueTime requires accessibility permissions to be enabled so it can inspect the window titles of your computer activities. RescueTime does not have any control over your computer.
5. Once setup is complete, click Finish.
6. The Assistant will open from your menu bar, asking you to sign in. When you click "Sign In" you’ll be taken to the RescueTime website to sign into your RescueTime account.
7. After signing in, click the Activate Assistant button.
8. Once activated, your Assistant will appear when you click the RescueTime icon in your menu bar.

Now you're ready to experience the magic of RescueTime. 

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