History Page

What you'll learn

You can see a more granular view of your activities on the History page. This page shows a breakdown of all your activities and allows you to adjust your productivity ranking and categories outside of your Activities page. 

History Overview

A simple bar chart shows your top activities that can be broken down by " Total time", "Hour", and "Day."

  • The "Total time" tab will show your activities in descending order.
  • The "Hour" tab will show your activities in chronological order.
  • The "Day" tab will show you the activities by day. This tab will appear when you choose Week, Month, and Recent in the date picker.

The date picker in the top-right corner gives you more control over the dates you want to view. You can filter by your "Work schedule" or "All time."

Below you'll see a detailed breakdown of each activity along with the productivity ranking (ie Focus Work, Other Work, or Personal Activities), category (ie general app, meeting app, or communication app), number of shifts, and the total time spent in each activity.

Activities categorized as a general app will be the default and therefore will not appear in the category column. If you change an activity's category to a meeting app or communication app, a respective tag will appear in this column. For instance, Slack is a communication app and a communication tag appears in the category column for Slack. Help Scout is categorized as a general app so this column will appear empty.

How to change your Ranking and Category

You can click on an activity to update the productivity ranking and/or category as shown below.

Download Your History

You can download your history to a CSV, JSON, and/or Excel file.

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