How to do a full reinstall of RescueTime

There are a variety of issues that can be solved by doing a full reinstall of the RescueTime application. If all or part of your time doesn't appear to be getting recorded, doing a full reinstall is a reasonable place to start.

1. Remove the RescueTime application from your computer.

  • Windows: Go to your Start Menu > All Programs > RescueTime > Uninstall RescueTime.
  • Mac: Drag the RescueTime application from your Applications folder to the Trash. 

We provide full instructions for the uninstall process for each operating system here.

2.  Download the latest version of the application and install it.

  • Windows: Double-click the installer file you just downloaded, and go through the installation process.
  • Mac: Double-click the .dmg file. And drag the RescueTime application to your Applications folder.

3. Restart your computer

4. Start RescueTime

Please note: on Windows, this should happen automatically at the end of the installation process.

5. If applicable reset your RescueTime configuration to ensure you have the correct RescueTime account connected to the device.

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