Where is the data-driven version of RescueTime?

Dear Time-Saving Friends,

From the very beginning, RescueTime’s mission has been to create a time-management tool that helps people easily understand how they spend their time. We were successful in creating software that automatically showed users how they spent their days. We worked hard to provide detailed graphs and analytical data. But through the years we found that although the data was powerful, many people didn’t understand how to use it.
Last year, as people were forced to work from home and their work/life balance became hazy, we reflected on whether we were answering the most pressing questions of our users.
“Does RescueTime help you plan how to use your time? Do we help you complete and/or stay focused on a task? Do we help you determine what is important work? Do we help create better work/life balance?”
These questions led to us reimagining RescueTime and creating a new product. The core of our mission remains the same but our goals have grown to encompass more of your needs. We still promise to help you understand how you spend your time and become more focused, but we will also help you feel less overwhelmed and create more space in your life for family, friends, and hobbies—the things that matter most.  Built on top of the powerful data and machinery that took a decade to develop, we created a simpler product experience that supports this goal, that will guide users in their journey toward a healthy work/life balance. We will educate, help build better work habits, celebrate milestones, and help you find time for the things that make you happy.
Users that created a new RescueTime account after June 9th, 2021, will automatically join us on this journey. We hope that you take this new journey with us. Our desire is for RescueTime to become a daily part of your professional and personal growth. We created our product with this desire in mind, and we are confident it is the time-management coach you need in our demanding world. We look forward to walking this new path with you. 

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