How do I change my billing information?

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Changing your billing subscription

You can make any billing changes by going to Account Settings > Billing.

RescueTime has two options for billing cycles: a monthly cycle, where you are billed once a month, and an annual cycle, where you are billed for one year. You can switch subscription cycles by choosing the plan you prefer and click the Switch plans button.

Changing your payment method or updating your billing information

To change your payment method, click the (update) link:

A popup will allow you to change payment methods or update your billing information:

After entering your new information, be sure to click the Update button.

Managing RescueTime invoices

You can find a link to your past invoices at the bottom of the billing page.

You are also able to send your invoices to emails of your choice by adding them to the Send invoice receipt to form. Add additional notes (ie. business name, tax id's) to display on the invoices to the Invoice notes form.

Clearing payment information

If you'd like to clear your payment information altogether, visit your Billing page.

On the right side of the page, click "Cancel your subscription". 

After cancelling your subscription, the option to clear your payment information will appear:

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