Enabling Website Tracking on MacOS

If you're using MacOS and don't see website in your RescueTime reports, it's likely due to the required accessibility and/or automation permissions not being enabled. These permissions allow RescueTime to inspect the window titles of the applications and websites you visit. To enable websites, follow the steps below to grant RescueTime the necessary permissions. Rest assured, RescueTime does not have control over your computer.

How to Enable Accessibility Permissions on MacOS

During the installation process, you are typically prompted to enable these permissions. 

However, you can also check, verify, or change them at any time by following these steps:

  1. Click the Apple icon in your OS menu bar and select System Settings.

  2. Choose Privacy & Security > Accessibility    

  3. Enable RescueTime in the list under "Allow the apps below to control your computer".
  4. If RescueTime is not on the list, then click on the " +" button.

  5. Choose RescueTime in the Applications folder > click  Open

When the Accessibility permissions are activated, RescueTime should have the capability to track and log the websites visited.

How to Enable Automation Permissions on MacOS

Go to your System Settings > Privacy & Security > Automation > Enable all the web browsers you want to track websites

Install the RescueTime Firefox Extension on MacOS

If you are using the Firefox browser on MacOS, then you'll need to install the RescueTime Firefox Extension as well. Please ensure you sign in with the same RescueTime account on the browser extension as your desktop app. 

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