How RescueTime works

Before you get started, let’s explain a little bit about what you should expect when you first start using RescueTime.

RescueTime is based on what we call ‘Focus Work’

Focus Work is your most high-value and mentally-demanding work (the sort of tasks that take deep focus to do). For example, coding for developers, designing for designers, writing for writers, and so on… 

Focus Work is what makes you feel the most accomplished during the day. But it’s also the most vulnerable to meetings, emails, chat, and other ‘urgent work’. 

In fact, our 13+ years of data showed that the average worker spends 3 hours or less on Focus Work each day!

That’s what we’re here to change…

RescueTime is the only tool that can measure your focus in real-time

We’ve developed a completely new way to track and improve your daily work habits.

RescueTime observes how you work, tracks your focus, and coaches you back on track when you get distracted, interrupted, or start multitasking too much. 

We use this data (along with your work calendar) to give you a realistic daily Focus Work goal and then guide you through your workday in the most effective, productive, and focused way possible.

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